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I finally got images working!So I think I actually got images working now as embed code in the posts.

This is gonna be a test!

Please be a beautiful sky!
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I MADE A LOGO!I actually made a logo for the site.
It's made in CSS.
It's not very pretty.
It gets the message across.
I am pretty happy about it.

Have fun looking at it.
And yes I am abusing my linebreaks
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Update #1So
I'm not very good with converting HTML stuff to database stuff.
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Noxynet relaunch!After getting some spare time during the summer I decided to relaunch my page with a new theme. I have decided to make it a more personal site, kinda like a blog, but at the same time showcasing some of my interests and web application projects. I'm probably gonna fill this with insane ramblings about philosophy, programming, gaming and some other things. This of course pretty much covers every other blog in existance, and I have no idea why you would even bother reading this, but if you are, I'm grateful. The page currently has a lot of things that needs updating and fixing. I know hardly anything works by now, even the design, but I'm gonna get it fixed slowly. I'm probably also gonna end up redesigning the page once again, but that's for the future. I also need a logo for the page, so if anyone's interested, please leave a comment or write me about it. Not sure where this is gonna take the page, but I hope it will be fun. Also formatting and stuff is also something I'm looking to fix. Right now it's horrible and I can't even include images as it stands right now. Anyways, that's enough for now. Rather work on this than typing about it for now. So If you have read this much. Thank you. Also go comment, favorite, like, subscribe, retweet, plus, upvote, reblog and whatever you wanna do with this.Read more or comment!